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Brook & Basin understands that clients are unique which means no two projects are alike. We pride ourselves on listening to the client and understanding their goals and which design process will work for the scope of each project. An initial consultation will help us get to know you and the extent of the project to assess which process is the best fit and how we can tailor it to your needs.


Schematic design and concept development are crucial initial steps in a design project and we can help you take the first step. Through consultations we can collaborate on ideas and Brook & Basin will create initial concepts through sketches, preliminary plans, mood boards and other conceptual methods. This gives the client a direction and inspiration to move forward with their project at their own speed.


Our Concept Development process includes the bones of a design project. Design development, documentation and specifications are created to give detailed information to a contractor or builder for construction. This dives deeper into the design process to detail out how the project is going to come together and how to refine the design. Brook & Basin will serve as a support system to the contractor to ensure all questions are answered and make sure the initial design is implemented correctly in construction.


Our administration process is taking the schematic design and concepts, creating documentation and providing project management. This is a more hands on approach as Brook & Basin will coordinate closely with all parties to manage the project from start to finish. On-site project management is important to anticipate and resolve any issues as they arrive. Procurement of details can be included from furniture, lighting and accents that can make a space feel complete after construction. 

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